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Do to freezing weather and damage from the local deer population, all sales must be suspended until I can determine which stock plants have survived and can be used to create a new inventory. If all goes well, then I will have over 300 culitvars available in the future. For now, all paypal buttons have been removed. I hope you will help me keep this little nursery going by visiting my Etsy.com store and purchasing my lavender wands. The lavender crop should be adundant this year, as the deer do not eat lavender... Thanks!!

Here at Pedricks Corner we are commited to re-introducing the public to the stunning display upright fuchsias can add to your landscaping design, with quite a range of heights and forms to choose from. In the ground out in the full sun or in large containers in the semi-shade, fuchsia bushes can provide decades   of enjoyment as they once did in many an old fashioned garden.  Flourishing where they were   tucked into the corner next to the front porch, or perhaps allowed to spread into their natural   shape near a shady tree or fence, and sometimes even clipped as a hedge like the ones flourishing in Europe.   In many zones, upright fuchsias can provide year round color. Your local hummingbird population is going to be glad you decided to add these beauties to your garden.   Upright fuchias can live for over one hundred years.  We hope you enjoy selecting your new ones and invite you to read about us in the Garden Watchdog of DavesGarden.com.

Vinegar Joe

Our favorites are the simple and oldest varieties such as the one shown above 'Vinegar Joe'

Links To My Favorite Resources




Over time I will be adding links to more of my favorite resources.

Including a new site with a searchable database of upright fuchsias.

A blog.

Photos of full sized bushes.

Information on how to grow fuchsias.

The history and classification of fuchsias.

And much more!