Come back and visit often as MAJOR changes are afoot and new photos will be added of hundreds of varieties as fast as I can take them. Plus a new location open to the public is in the works!

We only use USPS Priority Mail boxes, so shipping is not determined by weight or total price of items. Since it is not possible on this site, to determine what the shipping costs would be due to the diverse nature of items offered, all prices will now include the cost of shipping and there will be no additional charges for shipping on check-out. Thanks!


April 2018 Update:

I have finally begun to make cuttings again and have high hopes that I will at least be able to offer a variety of the species (right now I just have F. boliviana ready to go) by this summer and into the fall. And then the cultivars as soon as possible. I hope you will consdier following my progress via the blog for PedricksCorner or via the Facebook page for PedricksCorner. Lavender is the means by which I will be able to do this, so if you love lavender and would like to help, then all the links are here to buy my lavender.

Due to a tragic turn of events, I was not able to make a new batch of cuttings to root for next spring and there will not be time to do this in the future as far as I can see. At the moment, I have no idea what I am going to be able to do.

Michael Breneman of Michael's Fuchsias Galore and Exotic Begonias had a heart attack the day of his retirement and the person from whom he was renting space for his nursery has chosen not to honor agreements made with Michael or myself. As I was to replace Michaels nursery with my own. I have written about these events on the blog for PedricksCorner. There is a link to your right.

At least the good news is that Michael, although for over almost a month it seemed he may not recover, has suddenly begun to take a turn for the better! We now have high hopes for Michael's future in his retirement. Hopefully we will also be able to assist in the preservation of his incredible collection of fuchsia species and cultivars, and his amazing collecion of exotic begonias. I will keep you posted via the blog.

Some of you know what has been happening the last six years: Do to freezing weather and damage from the local deer population, all sales were suspended until I could create a new inventory. This was put on hold while I went back to college and worked full time.

Finally! Fuchsia boliviana plants are available and there is a link to purchase them on the Upright Species page! I have about 600 seedlings and they are growing FAST and are already 6-8 inches tall.

All four sizes of lavender wands are now available in The Gift Shop on the Lavender Wand page. These are sets of 10 lavender wands at 50% off of the per each price and with FREE SHIPPING.

To help artists like myself stand out in the crowd of millions on sites like EBay, Etsy, and Amazon, I have started a site called ArtisansOfAmerica where I add at least one new artist every day along with links to their stores or websites. Please visit the site and take a look at all of the talent I am collecting for you there.

Below, was my initial introduction way back when...

Here at Pedricks Corner we are commited to re-introducing the public to the stunning display upright fuchsias can add to your landscaping design, with quite a range of heights and forms to choose from. In the ground out in the full sun or in large containers in the semi-shade, fuchsia bushes can provide decades   of enjoyment as they once did in many an old fashioned garden.  Flourishing where they were   tucked into the corner next to the front porch, or perhaps allowed to spread into their natural   shape near a shady tree or fence, and sometimes even clipped as a hedge like the ones flourishing in Europe.   In many zones, upright fuchsias can provide year round color. Your local hummingbird population is going to be glad you decided to add these beauties to your garden.   Upright fuchias can live for over one hundred years.  We hope you enjoy selecting your new ones and invite you to read about us in the Garden Watchdog of

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