Come back and visit often as MAJOR changes are afoot and new photos will be added of hundreds of varieties as fast as I can take them. Plus a new location open to the public is in the works!

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About Us
Pedricks Corner started out as a dream years ago out here on the Central Coast of California. I worked in a large and once famous plant nursery which specialized in shade plants. They grew hundreds of varieties of fuchsias, most of which were hanging baskets. Hummingbirds would fly right up to people and land on them!

But it was the hardy upright fuchsia's which captured my attention. They were much more likely to live for many years than the hanging baskets, as those are limited by the confines of their containers. I was impressed with the ability of the hardy uprights to sustain winters left out in the open, and the vigor with which they began to grow again in the spring. Some of them bloomed all through the winters. From then on, I began to look for them in every yard I passed, searching for the old fashioned cultivars.


Company History

We are just getting started here and hope to thrive as well as the fuchsia's we will be sending to your garden! The number of varieties in our collection of uprights is currently 260.

We are commited to continue to look for and add to the collection. If you have an upright fuchsia you don't see here, please let us know.


We are also hard at work compiling a list of known upright fuchsia varieties and it is at 1592!! This list is now a searchable database which will enable fuchsia enthusiasts to find certain varieties of fuchsias by selecting sepal color, corolla color, height, hardiness, single/semi-double/double, etc. The future and seperate website is under construction and will be named ""


Customer Testimonials

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Links To My Favorite Resources

Over time I will be adding links to more of my favorite resources.

Including a new site with a searchable database of upright fuchsias.

Pedricks Corner Blog

Photos of full sized bushes.

Information on how to grow fuchsias.

The history and classification of fuchsias.

And much more!