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Cineraria's - Also known as The Florist Cineraria

Pericallis cruenta or Senecio creuntus or Cineraria cruentis - depending on how up todate the search is. No matter what their real botanical name is, these beauties are


The colors seem to glow in the early morning or late afternoon light.
Planted in the shade or partial sun, they provide a stunning range of color for those shady areas of your landscaping. We grow from a seed mix we produce here, and this year has produced some wonderful colors and combinations. Even some doubles!

The minimum order is five plugs.

One order fits into a small USPS Priority Mail box.


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Cineraria 01

Cineraria 02

Cineraria 03

Cineraria 04

Cineraria 06

We are currently out of seed for sale. As soon as new seed can be collected, we will put the PayPal button back here for them.


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