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Jerusalem Artichokes - Helianthus tuberosum

Jerusalem Artichokes aka Sunchokes, are a member of the Sunflower family and a native plant of the North American continent. The early European immigrants couldn't pronounce the Native American word for this staple vegetable and changed it to "Jerusalem." The roots taste like the heart of an artichoke, thus the name 'Jerusalem Artichokes.'
When growing, they can be useful as a temporary wall of shade or windbreak topped with sunny yellow flowers when they bloom at up to 8 feet tall or more, depending on the growing conditions.
The flowers make beautiful cut floral arrangments. And the tiny seeds attract native birds.
Once they have bloomed and the plant begins to die back down, the tubers are dug up to be eaten raw or cooked. They have less carbs than potatoes and more protein and vitamins.
Store like potatoes and tuberous begonias, or leave in the ground and they will come back up in the spring. For the highest yield, prepare the ground as one would for any root crop, such as potatoes.

The smallest tuber will grow into a giant and produce pounds of fresh tubers for you.

Growing plants are available again this spring 2012.
Place your order now, these sell out really fast.

They are $5.00 each

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Young Jerusalem Artichoke Plants

Grow big plump tubers like these!!

The tubers

They can easily grow over six feet tall!

Blooming Jerusalem Artichokes



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