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Lavender Sachets

This colorful assortment of 6 (six) sachets are filled with lavender and nothing else.
Use them in your clothes drawer, in a sunny window to scent the room, in your vehicle, or in a tote.
Slip one into a gift basket or use as party favors.

$6.00 per set of six.



Please select a small box for one set from the "Add Shipping" page. Multiple sets will need a "The Gift Shop" size box.


Lavender Sachets

Have you ever seen lavender flowers woven with ribbon into little baskets still on the ends of the stems they bloomed on?

Visit our Lavender Wands page to see many colors and sizes of this unusual and long lasting aromatic gift!!

Purple Lavender Wands


Links To My Favorite Resources

Over time I will be adding links to more of my favorite resources.

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A blog.

Photos of full sized bushes.

Information on how to grow fuchsias.

The history and classification of fuchsias.

And much more!