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Lavender Wands

PC Lavender

These wands are handmade from English Lavender we grow here. They can only be made with fresh lavender so the flower heads can be bent inwards. This means the supply is limited.

Give them a squeeze and waive in the air to scent any room. Tuck one into your dresser drawer. Leave one in a sunny window and the heat of the sun will release the wonderful scent. Or lay one on the dashboard of your vehicle. These can last for many years and be refreshed with a few drops of scented oil.

Quantities are limited and we run out fast!

There are 4 sizes ranging from 6" to 16" Priced from $5.00 to $15.00

Our wands can also be found in our new Ebay store called

Lavender Wands and Pedrick's Garden

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