Come back and visit often as MAJOR changes are afoot and new photos will be added of hundreds of varieties as fast as I can take them. Plus a new location open to the public is in the works!

We only use USPS Priority Mail boxes, so shipping is not determined by weight or total price of items. Since it is not possible on this site, to determine what the shipping costs would be due to the diverse nature of items offered, all prices will now include the cost of shipping and there will be no additional charges for shipping on check-out. Thanks!

Our Other Favorites:

Here are a few of our favorite plants. From house plants, companion plants for your upright fuchsias, to a few of our favorite herbs. A variety of seeds, shoots, and plants. As we grow, and as our customers guide our choices, we will add new favorites here!

Brazilian Plume Flowers

Brazilian Plume Flower



Queens Tears

Queens Tears


Links To My Favorite Resources

Over time I will be adding links to more of my favorite resources.

Including a new site with a searchable database of upright fuchsias.

A blog.

Photos of full sized bushes.

Information on how to grow fuchsias.

The history and classification of fuchsias.

And much more!