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Queens Tears - Bilbergia nutans

Queens Tears are a practically indistructable bromeliad (think pineapple) which can be grown indoors as a houseplant or outdoors like the one seen below. Each spring they produce these hot pink spikes from out of which drop the pink, blue, and yellow "tears". Sometimes right before your eyes! Unlike other bromeliads, they don't require any special conditions to cause them to bloom.

Queens Tears

After blooming, each plant then puts out numerous new side shoots, creating the mound your see above. And these new shoots will in turn bloom as well. They can take some sun for a few hours in the morning or afternoon, they can handle the heat as well as temperatures near or just below freezing. They do best if provided with quality planting mix, regular watering, and feeding. But they can literally grow without soil and endure long periods without water.


Small Shoots $5.00


Medium Plants $7.50


Large Plants $10.00

Currently sold out of large for this season.

Queens Tears Bloom



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