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Welcome To The Gift Shop!

We make a variety of items from the plants we grow such as lavender, lemon verbena, and mints.

The English Lavender we grow to make our lavender wands has just begun to put out new flower buds. I personally hand make every single one of the lavender wands we sell.


This photos shows you the difference in size between small, medium, large, and huge.

Small wands are 6-8" long

Medium wands are 8-10" long

Large wands are 10-12" long

Huge wands are at least 12" and can be up to 16" long

For now, you can find all of the four sizes and thirty colors of wands currently available in our store called 'Pedricks'

For orders of Sets of 10 Lavender Wands with FREE SHIPPING, please click on the Lavender Wand page here in The Gift Shop!

And here is a link to my ceramic store where I have begun to offer my handmade and wheel thrown ceramics;


Links To My Favorite Resources

Over time I will be adding links to more of my favorite resources.

Including a new site with a searchable database of upright fuchsias.

A blog.

Photos of full sized bushes.

Information on how to grow fuchsias.

The history and classification of fuchsias.

And much more!